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Message From the Mayor


 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It's September and the fall season is close upon us with the summer winding down.  Our children have returned to school.  Please drive carefully, especially where children are present.

Our Public Works Department has been very busy this year with the paving of our streets.  They have completed the following streets for our village: 71st Street from 86th Court to the dead end, Blazer Avenue from 76th to Frontage Road, 80th Street from 85th Avenue to 85th Court, 83rd Court from 79th Street to 80th Street, 82nd Court from 80th Street to 81st Street and 81st Street from 82nd Court to 83rd Avenue.  We are on target with the street paving schedule and will continue to complete as much as we can until the end of the season.  In addition to the paving, Public Works has worked on the drainage system around the different areas of our village for preventive maintenance to improve the infrastructure and lessen potential flooding.  Public Works is doing a great job!  They are becoming real pros.

Our Building Department is also very busy.  We have received several permit request for new home constructions in the village.  They are issuing a record number of permits as our residents are doning considerable remodeling on and in their homes.  In addition, we have received the final plans from the developer for the Triangle Property located at the intersection of Archer Road and Cork Avenue.  By his contruction shcedule and having secured the nesessary permits, the ground should be broken for construction by mid-September.  We really are looking forward to new businesses in our village.

I'm pleased to communicate that IDOT finally released approved plans for the sidewalks on Frontage Road.  The letting will likely happen in spring of 2019.  Tollway plans are moving forward and are becoming reality.  Justice was awarded a $13,400,000 grant for land acquisition and construction for the I-294 northbound/southbound exit and entrance ramps.  we are now discussing plans to secure any additional funds that will be needed for this project.  There is an optimistic future for us.

I sincerely hope that eveone enjoyed our annual Auto Show which is quickly becoming famous on the southwest side and attracts more and more car aficionados from all over.  Big thanks to Trustee Sparr, his wife Robin, and all the volunteers for working very hard to make the auto show a success.

Finally, plans are being made for our annual Veterans Luncheon which will be held on Sunday, November 4, 2018.  If you are a veteran and reside in our Village, please make sure that have registered with the Village so we can include you in this event.

We are looking forward to the fall season and wish all the best to our residents!

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Village President