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Message From the Mayor


 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

The holidays are over and we are getting back to do what you elected us for.  It is my duty to do everything I can to make you proud to live and raise your families here.  We are heading in the right direction.  Development is coming and with it are increased revenues and better services.

During the winter season, our Public Works employees are ready to meet any challenge the weather can throw at them.  We finally convinced the IEPA to fund the cleanup of the gas station on 84th Street and Cork Avenue.  The cleanup will start around January 7th.  When it is finished, we will look to develop this property.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact our Director of Economic Development, Matt Zarebczan at 708-458-2130.

As for the triangle property, the MWRD permit was finally secured and work can commence.  After a long wait, we have also received the final reviews for the sidewalk plans for the Frontage Road.  We are expecting the letting and bids for construction in April 2019.

We also started working on this year's budget.  All the departments are actively involved and understanding of the importance of a balanced budget.  We are working towards better streets, sewers, better drainage for less flooding and improved services.  In addition, we will continue beautifying and cleaning up the village.

Presently, we are looking for bids to demolish four delapidated properties that for a long time were eyesores and a source of frustration for neighbors.  The court finally judged in favor of the village and cleanup will be completed.  Our Building Commissioner worked long and hard on this for the village.  His testimony and evidence presented in court convinced the Judge to issue demolition orders.

Our Winter Wonderland and Holiday Food Basket events have come and gone.  My sincere thanks to our Finance Office staff, Public Works staff, Building Department staff, the Police Department staff, Economic Development staff, Special Events Committee, Trustees, Clerk, Deputy Clerk and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make these events a great success!

My hope is that Mother Nature will look upon our community with favor to stay safe this year.  Again, I sincerely wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Village President