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Message From the Mayor


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is good to share with you again what's happening in Justice.  Our village continues to move forward at an amazing pace.  I apologize for any disruptions, noise, dust, etc., but the best is yet to be!  We will have better roads, better infrastructure, more commerce and easier access to major routes all while leaving the traditionally peaceful residential areas undisturbed.  The tollway is moving full speed ahead to help with the noise.  The noise walls protecting Rosary Hill and the Deerpath subdivision is completed.  They are also working on the noise wall along Frontage Road.

The old gas station on 84th and Cork Avenue was cleaned up and we are waiting for the No Further Remediation letter from the IEPA.  However, there is a glitch, the IEPA appointed a new project manager who promptly misplaced all the files.  We sent copies and now have to wait for the review again.  Hopefully by fall, we can start seeing proposals.

The developer of the commercial complex on 79th Street is waiting for IDOT to grant him access from 79th Street to the property so he can begin the construction.  The village is helping him with these efforts, but IDOT will not be rushed.  As you can see, the big sinkhole on 79th Street has finally got the attention of IDOT after years of many complaints they are finally working on it.  We hope it will be finished by the end of July.

Public Works is finishing drainage improvements and will quickly begin the repair and paving of 8,000 feet of street this year.  With the grants we have in process, there will be well over 10,000 feet of streets paved.  The list of streets to be paved is available on our website under Public Works.

The long delayed reconstruction of 86th Avenue and 75th Street by Brodnicki School has finally commenced and will be finished before the kids go back to school.  The Water Commission replacement of the water line on Cronin Avenue from Frontage Road to 75th Street is nearing completion, with the surface repaved within two weeks, weather permitting.

The plans for our Annual Auto Show on August 27th, are in full swing.  We will have a record number of vendors, both food and other items available.  Come out and enjoy the beautiful cars, entertainment and have a great night!  Watch our website for more information.

We are moving forward, our new trustees are settling in their new positions and doing a great job handling daily village business.  Our new clerk is in his office everyday and completing his duties expeditiously!  We are very optimistic about our future and many residents are too.  We have new houses being built, record number of permits for remodeling and rehabs, old and dilapidated properties are being torn down and there is less and less eyesores.  Our Code Enforcement Officers are doing a great job addressing Building Code violations and the village is getting better and better.

In these harsh times where police are being vilified and disrespected by many with crime skyrocketing amid calls for defunding and abolishing police, we in Justice do not agree with these policies.  We support and respect our police officers and will continue to do so.  Other municipalities who decided to satisfy a small group of antipolice activists have seen the consequences of their reckless actions with the endangerment of their residents and businesses.  We, in the Village of Justice follow the reasonable path with our first duty being to maintain safety for our residents and businesses.

Enjoy your remaining summer activities and feel free to stop by my office to say hello!

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Mayor/Village President