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Message From the Mayor


 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The April showers suprisingly extended into May.  Many of you let me know that you are fed up with the rain.  The Public Works Department, who on a daily basis were trying to keep the water moving, keep drainages and culverts open and free of debris, and I are tired of the rain too.  On a positive note, all this water has worked miracles for the grass.  It is growing nice and tall.  Now, our guys are trying to keep up with mowing it.  Lucky for us, we have some extra help from Lyons Township.  They have a summer help program for high school kids to work part time.

The repaving of the streets started.  We have started with the street grinding on Willow Drive and then we will start on the south side as we promised.  It may cause some inconvenience, but after we finish, the streets will look good and will be improved.

Our village is growing and changing.  We have new businesses starting up, home construction and rehabbing is going on all over.  We demolished some properties that were eyesores for years and we are planning on getting rid of some more.  Cook County awarded us an additional $61,000 grant to deas with distressed properties.

Work on Phase II of the Tollway Project started in May.  You are probably seeing crews surveying and working all around the streets.  All this engineering and surveying is the indication that the project is moving forward as planned.  This project is a great opportunity for Justice.  It will bring commerce, development, jobs and revenue that will help us to make the Village of Justice better for residents to live in and prosper.  We will be able to provide better services, beautify the streets and improve quality of life for everyone.

New board members started their terms and they already have tackled some important issues.  They bring new ideas and new way of looking at old problems.  There will be some changes and we will inform you as the changes occur.

With all this water we received from Mother Nature, the mosquitoes are becoming a growing problem.  Please don't let water accumulate and become stagnant.  Standing water in old tires, buckets, plastic covers and any other containers where mosquitoes can breed should be eliminated.  Also, don't forget to empty and change the water in bird baths and fountains.  I recommend the use of repellents when working outdoors, wear light color clothes when you sit on the patio and rotating fan to make it harder for insects to get to you.

With nicer weather and kis out of school, I would like to appeal to the residents to drive carefully and obey speed limits on the streets.  The police department will be watching and speeding tickets will be issued.

Please be mindful of each other, keep an eye especially on our senior residents and assist them if they are in need.  Let's be good neighbors and take care of each other.

Have a good and safe summer!

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Village President