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Message From the Mayor


 Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is my great honor to wish the best to our veterans and to thank them for their service.  We celebrated them at our traditional Veterans luncheon on November 4th at the Lipinski Center.

On October 16th, we had an official ceremony announcing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Village of Justice and the Tollway.  This significant moment came 10 years after we started this project.  At this time, no one really believed that our Village would become part of a Tollway Interchange Program.  It took patience, persistence, diplomacy and determination to come to this point.  I strongly believe the new ramps will bring development to our community.  This will create local jobs, bring revenue and allow our Village to grow and prosper.  Increased revenue in sales tax will put less demand for increased real estate taxes, which all of you know are oppressively high.  This will also help us to improve our infrastructure.  We will be able to invest more into our streets, sidewalks, lights and storm/sanitary sewers.

Our village employees are doing an outstanding job!  We are very grateful to our Public Works Department who has done an excellent job paving our streets this year.  Our Police Department is being trained to the highest level when serving our community keeping us safe and when assisting our surrounding communities.  They have received commendations for saving lives and preventing/solving crimes.  Thank you to the Police Department for their service!  In addition, I would like to also thank our Building Department and Economic Development Departments for their work in handling this busy year with a lot of new construction, rehabs and several projects.  And last but defenitely not least, my sincere thanks to our Administration and Finance Department.  They are the faces our residents see when they come to our Village Hall.  Assisting you with questions, issues, payments or any other customer service is their priority.  All this great work and service is due to the great leadership provided by our Department Leaders.  They are talented, dedicated and professional and have earned my deep respect.

We are looking forward with hope and optimism to this upcoming year.  Many projects are finally coming to fuition and I'm anticipating seeing a lot of new things happening.  For this year's upcoming events, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Great Winter Wonderland celebration and Seasons Greetings!

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Village President