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Message From the Mayor


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

School has started and fall is slowly approaching.  This was a very busy summer in the Village.  The Tollway is really speeding their construction efforts and the new design is shaping up right in front of our eyes.  Yes, it's noisy and a lot of dust but the final result will be excellent.  The 87th Street and Roberts Road Bridge is being completely redesigned.  Sometimes I go and watch how the construction moves forward.  The precision with how those massive beams are placed is amazing.

As the heat is slowly abating, our Public Works Department is now in full road paving mode.  The Cronin water line is finished, landscaping is done and the street looks good.  Paving started with part of Oak Grove and will continue with Banks and 76th Street on the Northside and then, we will start the 82nd Street Reconstruction on the Southside and 82nd Place.  Economic Development is very busy.  The Economic Planning Board held their last meeting to discuss three potential development proposals for the "Hill" property on 83rd and Cork Avenue.  They have made their recommendation to the Board.  There will be a lot of discussion before we decide.  We sought the residents' input for the presentations that were given to the Board concerning each of these proposals.  It is very encouraging to see that our Village attracts this type of interest when for years no one was paying attention to us.  It is a good sign for the Village's future.

We had a very successful Car Show, "Cars Under the Stars", I extend my deepest thanks to our elected officials, appointees, their families, volunteers, our employees and the vendors for working very hard and long hours in the hot weather to make this event a huge success.  My thanks to the new Justice park District Board and their new Director for working in tandem for this event and helping facilitate the show.  Organizations of village residents like the Lions Club, Senior Club and Chamber of Commerce made a strong showing and it is the sign that the Village is uniting and bringing us together for which I Thank them very much.  (Hot Dogs were good.)

The old gas station on 84th and Cork is clean but a new manager decided she wants to repeat the tests that were previously completed and passed.  This unfortunately will delay the final approval for about 10 months.  There is nothing the Village can do about this so; we will just have to wait.

The project for the old gas station on 79th Street went out for bids and the developer has chosen a contractor.  We have been told that the construction will begin this fall.  Among other things, we are told there will be a franchised drive-thru restaurant.

The Bethania Project is being reviewed as we speak and once IDOT issues the permits for access, the construction will commence.  Speaking about IDOT, did you notice that the small sink hole on 79th Street is finally repaired after about 2 years?  Luckily, it is finally fixed.

Things are looking good and I am hopeful that our Village will grow and prosper.  We have no control what the legislature will come up with next, but we will deal with it with your help and support and come out better for it.

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Mayor/Village President