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Message From the Mayor


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It's hard to believe, but the New Year has begun!  I don't know about you, but for me, last year went very fast with so many things to do.  In retrospect, I have to say that our village accomplished quite a bit.  COVID obviously played a role but we were able to move ahead with our plans.

You can all see the progress the Tollway is making.  The reconstruction of 88th Avenue, 79th Street and Archer Road intersection will be starting to accommodate different traffic patterns.  Once this is finished, the ramps will be connected.

We have a new development starting.  As you can see, the old gas station on 79th Street was demolished and construction has begun.  The building being constructed will accommodate a variety of businesses, with most likely a drive-thru restaurant.

The village has been approached by a few parties interested in properties around the Tollway interchange.  We will consider some of the proposals that show promise and are serious.  Things are looking good.

Our street program has ended for the year.  We have accomplished a lot.  Over 7,000 feet of streets were repaved by our Public Works Department.  Plus, we obtained several grants that allowed us to reconstruct some streets that were falling apart.  The village is looking better and better every year.  With better streets comes unfortunately the problem of irresponsible drivers, who pay no attention to speed limits.  We have received many complaints from residents and the village purchased speed bumps and placed them in areas where most of the complaints came from.  We also purchased through grants two mobile radar units with cameras and will be using them in a strategic fashion.  Many of our older streets don't have sidewalks, so watching speed is of great importance.

Despite the craziness that engulfed our nation, our village did very well.  We were rated the 11th Safest Community in Illinois.  Our Police Department is well trained and equipped to handle any situation.

Together with the Greater Chicago Food Depository our mobile food pantry program has held five food pantry giveaways last year.  Much thanks to our volunteers who are there no matter what the weather.  We have been able to help over 800 families, with our excess food donated t daily food pantries in the Township.

Our Holiday Basket/Gift Card program was very successful this year due to the generous monetary donations of Village of Justice businesses and residents.  Once again, due to the pandemic, grocery store gift cards were delivered to registered residents.  Thanks to the Bridgeview/Justice EMA, some of our employees and elected officials for the delivery of the gift cards to residents.  We were able to help 240 people through this program.

Our village finances are in order.  We are proud that our Department heads have been able to manage our money in a very prudent fashion.  We are looking forward.  This year, we have a few flood control projects in the works and have line up financing for those projects.  When televising sewers around 82nd Street, a massive obstruction was discovered and removed.  That will improve drainage around Marion Drive and the general area.

So, let's look with optimism toward the end of winter.  My message to all of you is that despite the pandemic, life can be lived with much being accomplished using common sense solutions.  Doing your job and helping people is the best way to move forward in life.  

On behalf of the village, we wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Yours Sincerely,

Kris Wasowicz
Mayor/Village President